Tee Card

The Tee-Card™ is the world’s first golf tee/business card.  It’s a fun, one-of-a-kind novelty product that will make people smile. Tee-Card™ is a standard business card size (2″ x 3.5″) and made of a maximum strength plastic that can last over 100 hits with a driver.

Simply connect the die-cut center tab, put your golf ball on top and whack away!  This reusable golf tee automatically snaps back into a business card after being hit with a driver and back into your wallet. Great for driving golf balls off rooftops, beaches, concrete parking lots and snow covered fields!  Oh yeah, you can use on the golf course as well.

The Tee-Card™ is an outstanding addition to golf tournament gift bags and can be customized for a variety of business uses as well. Trade show giveaways, product hang tags, direct mail promotions, long distance phone cards… This is not your average business card! Order your Tee-Cards™ today!

12 pak

24 pak

48 pak