The “Big Dick” Driver

The Big Dick Driver is the namesake  product for Ricardo Grande Golf Company.  It’s a wonderful novelty golf club that is guaranteed to draw attention at the golf course. And it hits surprisingly well.
The Big D comes in  9” or 10.5”, depending on what size Big Dick you would like.  The head is made of Duranium… a space age material that is lighter than Titanium and will redefine the meaning of Staying Power.

It has exquisite ball marker to help you keep centered on the ball while teeing it up.

The Big Dick has a “Penetrator” graphite shaft that comes in 2 Flexes: Stiff and Studly .  It also includes a neoprene condom head cover that says “Big Dick” and a Velcro removable zipper to cover your Big Dick, in case you do not want to share your it with everyone.  The head cover comes with a form fitting ball sack that includes 2 Blue Balls that say “Big Dick”.

They’re also Schwetty balls – one left, one right.

You can have your very own Big Dick Driver package for $119.69, shipping and fondling are additional.  If you want your Big Dick fondled, it may cost a little extra :>)

Select Loft Size and Shaft Flex
Right or Left Handed Club?