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Do you know a golfer that spends a lot of time in the woods? Close to trees and branches all of the time? Occasionally near a bush that might need to be trimmed to get a good swing? The Tree Surgeon is the club for him or her. It has a neatly crafty axe blade on one end and a putter face on the other. read more
The Tee-Card™ is the world’s first golf tee/business card. It’s a fun, one-of-a-kind novelty product that will make people smile. Tee-Card™ is a standard business card size (2" x 3.5") and made of a maximum strength plastic that can last over 100 hits with a driver. read more
The Big Dick Driver is the namesake product for Ricardo Grande Golf Company. It’s a wonderful novelty golf club that is guaranteed to draw attention at the golf course. And it hits surprisingly well. The Big D comes in 9” or 10.5”, depending on what size Big Dick you would like. The head is made of Duranium… a space age material that is lighter than Titanium and will redefine the meaning of Staying Power. read more